6 Charts That Show How Africa’s Workforce Will Surpass Asia’s By 2100

July 22, 2019@3:15 AM TFP Editor 0

As both countries struggle with demographic and economic challenges, Africa’s potential work force is set to surpass Asia’s by the end of the 21st-century, according to Bloomberg. 15 to 64 year old Africans today represent just a quarter of the size of Asia’s working age population, but the story could be different by the year 2100. Africa will then surpass Asia, as Asia will be confronted by an aging population and Africa will become flush with youth looking for employment. However, it isn’t clear that economies on [Read More]

Maverick Boris Johnson or manager Jeremy Hunt: Who will be Britain's new prime minister?

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CLOSE British Prime Minister Theresa May held back tears as she announced her resignation as leader of the Conservative Party amid Brexit fallout. USA TODAY LONDON – Britain’s next leader will either be Boris Johnson, regarded as an eccentric, gaffe-prone populist who draws comparisons to President Donald Trump, or Jeremy Hunt, who has a reputation as a steady pair of hands, but whose commitment to delivering the country’s exit from the European Union – Brexit – has been questioned.  The winner – chosen by an internal Conservative Party vote because Britain elects [Read More]

67 Labour Party Members Attack Corbyn’s Anti-Jewish Leadership In Newspaper Ad

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is reeling from an ad by members of his own party accusing him of being anti-Jewish. If you support @JeremyCorbyn in any way you are not antiracist. And we believe that MPs and peers in @UKLabour are now condoning and complicit with Corbyn’s nasty politics of hate. This advert is clever, but won’t change anything. pic.twitter.com/0HGVdQjTe7 — Rabbi Zvi Solomons 🕎 (@RabbiZvi) July 17, 2019 The Telegraph reports Labour peers take out newspaper advert to tell [Read More]

Iran says it dismantled CIA spy ring, arrests 17, sentences some to death: report

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Click here to get the Fox News morning newsletter in your inbox every day with updates on Iran and other breaking news Iran’s Intelligence Ministry on Monday said it uncovered a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency spy ring, arrested 17 suspects and sentenced some to death, according to a report from the country’s semi-official news agency said. Emails from Fox News to the CIA and the State Department were not immediately returned. GET THE FOX NEWS APP Fars news agency was first to report on the matter, according [Read More]