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AOT Energy Deploys AspectCTRM In First Phase Of Planned Global Roll-Out

November 29, 2017@6:00 AM TFP Editor 0

November 29, 2017, London – Aspect Enterprise Solutions, the leading provider of energy trade and risk management cloud software, announced today, that AOT Energy has successfully deployed AspectCTRM within its Belgium operations. It’s the first installation of a planned global roll-out to cover AOT Energy’s crude oil, gasoline and products business units.AspectCTRM is expected to become the central source of record for trade and risk management reporting across multiple trading offices located in Asia, Europe… Source: RealWire Read on Real Wire

How sustainable is Permian tight oil growth?

November 23, 2017@2:45 AM TFP Editor 0

Technology has played a huge role in the rapid rise of production in the Permian Basin. Operators are bullish on the region’s long-term potential and poised to exploit the Permian at an unparalleled pace over the next few years. However, according to a report by Wood Mackenzie, geological constraints that may arise as the play is aggressively developed could lead to production shortfalls, and in turn, higher prices early in the next decade. Read on The Source

Revenue, income a mixed bag in 2Q

November 23, 2017@2:36 AM TFP Editor 0

Financial results for the OGJ150 group of companies were lukewarm by most measures in the second quarter of 2017. However, given the lengthy downturn that the oil and gas industry is emerging from, maybe “neither hot nor cold” isn’t so bad. Read on The Source

The BBA rules are coming

November 23, 2017@1:41 AM TFP Editor 0

The upcoming New Year may present some nasty surprises to oil and gas partnerships that have not prepared for the new partnership tax audit rules. Read on The Source

Weathering the storm

November 23, 2017@1:33 AM TFP Editor 0

During a natural disaster, you need supply options. Ensuring that you have allocations and truck time to supply your customers can be the difference between keeping or losing a long-time valued business relationship. It is during tight supply times, like we saw recently with hurricanes Harvey and Irma, that you should have a contingency plan in place to secure the fuel you need. Read on The Source

Master Limited Partnerships

November 23, 2017@1:25 AM TFP Editor 0

This article briefly discusses certain fundamental principles of MLPs, and then it identifies and explains common structuring and formation considerations designed to support the underlying objectives of the MLP. It is important to understand that MLPs are flexible and should be structured around the specific cash flow characteristics of MLP assets. If we have learned anything from the latest down cycle, it is that we should endeavor to structure MLPs to withstand even the harshest price environments. Read on The Source

Hybrid approach to debt-equity structure

November 23, 2017@1:22 AM TFP Editor 0

In our previous article, we demonstrated how alpha-seeking portfolio adjustment works. While pruning a portfolio can enhance return on the edge, adjustment in itself may not suffice to move the needle. By extension of the hybrid’s bottom-up, highly granular, asset-level well economics modeling and top-down portfolio simulation, we illustrate how a data-driven approach delivers actionable insights and helps drive prudent decision-making on the optimal debt-equity mix. When coupled with improved acreage and margins, the hybrid helps reduce variance and strengthen execution. Read on The Source

Private equity JVs

November 23, 2017@1:19 AM TFP Editor 0

As we head into 2018, it is expected that joint ventures will play an increasingly important role in the sector, as it appears that over half of the $100 billion raised since 2014 has not deployed, making this an opportune time to review the various joint venture structures that are commonly used by PE firms to make oil and gas investments. This article will provide a brief overview of those structures. Read on The Source