Senate GOP's Outside Counsel Says 'Reasonable Prosecutor' Would Not Bring Case Against Kavanaugh

September 30, 2018@11:53 PM TFP Editor 0

Rachel Mitchell, the outside prosecutor hired by Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans to lead the questioning of Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, has sent out a memo arguing that a “reasonable prosecutor” would not bring a case against Kavanaugh based on Blasey’s allegations. Blasey went before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week and said she was certain that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers. Her hourslong testimony, in which she answered queries from Democratic senators and from Mitchell on behalf [Read More]

Blackstone Resources AG: Research Started on New Battery Technology

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BAAR, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Blackstone Resources AG(SWX: BLS; STU: 4BR, FRA: 4BR, BEB: 4BR) Blackstone Resources AG (“BLS”) has decided to start a research and development programme on new battery technology. The objective is to develop small and flat batteries for the mobile phone and laptop market. This technology would also have further potential applications across the broader battery market. A whole variety of tech metals will be tested. Any technological improvements in battery technology during the life of the project would also be incorporated. The company [Read More]

Nafta: US and Canada reach new trade deal

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Image copyright AFP Image caption Relations between US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have occasionally been fraught The US and Canada have reached a deal to reform the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) after last minute negotiations. The deal is said to involve more US access to Canada’s dairy market and a cap on Canada’s car exports to the US. Nafta governs more than $1tr (£767bn) in trade between the two and Mexico. Mexico and the US have already agreed [Read More]

Projeto de San Quintin em Começo de Construção

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MELBOURNE, Austrália & NOVA YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC) tem o prazer de anunciar que começou a construção da usina de dessalinização em San Quintin, Baja California, México. Este projeto, divulgado anteriormente, foi concebido para fornecer 5,8 milhões de galões/dia (cerca de 22.000 m3/dia) de água potável para a região de San Quintin. A Fluence terá a identificação de uma receita durante o prazo esperado de 20 meses do projeto, iniciando no terceiro trimestre de 2018, bem como uma estimativa de US$ 10 milhões [Read More]

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Canada, U.S. reach deal to save NAFTA as trilateral trade pact

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The United States and Canada reached a deal on Sunday to salvage NAFTA as a trilateral pact with Mexico, beating a midnight deadline with agreements to substantially boost American access to Canada’s dairy market and protect Canada from possible U.S. auto tariffs, sources with direct knowledge of the talks said. Read on Reuters

South Korea Has Begun Removing Mines From the Border and Expects the North to Follow Suit

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South Korea has begun clearing mines from inside the heavily fortified border with North Korea More (SEOUL, South Korea) — South Korea began clearing mines from two sites inside the heavily fortified border with North Korea on Monday under tension-reducing agreements reached this year. Seoul says North Korea is expected to do the same. The development comes amid renewed international diplomacy on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program after weeks of stalemated negotiations. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to visit Pyongyang this month to [Read More]

AP Explains: Removal of mines from Korean Demilitarized Zone

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FILE – In this April 18, 2018 file photo, three North Korean soldiers talk each others as a South Korean soldier, right, stands at the border village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone, South Korea. North and South Korea began removing mines at two sites inside their heavily fortified border Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, as part of their recent deals to ease decades-long military tensions. The mine removal took place at the Koreas’ Joint Security Area in their shared border village of Panmunjom and another [Read More]

South Korea begins removing mines, expects North to do same

September 30, 2018@10:15 PM TFP Editor 0

Seoul says South Korea has begun clearing mines from two sites inside the heavily fortified border with North Korea under a package of tension-reduction deal between the rivals. Seoul’s Defense Ministry says North Korea is expected to do the same on Monday. Ministry officials say South Korean troops entered the Demilitarized Zone on Monday morning to remove mines around the border village of Panmunjom and another frontline area where they plan their first joint searches with North Korea for soldiers during the 1950-53 Korean War. [Read More]