Brazil’s Bolsonaro to take power amid high hopes and fears

December 31, 2018@11:09 PM TFP Editor 0

SAO PAULO – Once an outsider mocked by fellow lawmakers for his far-right positions, constant use of expletives and even casual dressing, former army captain Jair Bolsonaro is taking office as Brazil’s president Tuesday. A fan of U.S. President Donald Trump, the 63-year-old longtime congressman rose to power on an anti-corruption and pro-gun agenda that has energized Brazilian conservatives and hard-right supporters after four consecutive presidential election wins by the left-leaning Workers’ Party. Bolsonaro is […]

Peru’s chief prosecutor attempts to derail corruption probe

December 31, 2018@11:09 PM TFP Editor 0

LIMA, Peru – Peru’s attorney general late Monday dismissed a team investigating the far-reaching Odebrecht corruption scandal, setting off street protests in cities across the country. President Martin Vizcarra quickly denounced the move, saying it undercuts Peru’s drive to purge corruption. “The head-on fight against corruption and impunity is a priority of this government,” Vizcarra said on Twitter. Two of the five supreme prosecutors called the decision by Attorney General Pedro Chavarry “a death blow” […]

President Tsai says Taiwanese want to maintain self-rule

December 31, 2018@11:02 PM TFP Editor 0

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwanese treasure their autonomy from China, the leader of the self-governing island said Tuesday, warning city and county officials to be open about and exercise caution in any dialogue with the Chinese. President Tsai Ing-wen’s remarks come after major gains by a Beijing-friendly opposition party in local elections in late November. “The election results absolutely don’t mean Taiwan’s basic public opinion wants us to give up our self-rule,” she said in an […]

Kim Jong-un offers to meet Trump for second summit, but warns US not to 'misjudge' his patience

December 31, 2018@10:49 PM TFP Editor 0

Kim Jong-un on Tuesday renewed a pledge to denuclearise and said he was ready to meet Donald Trump, the US president, for a second time, but the North Korean leader warned Washington not to “misjudge” his patience and that he may reverse course if there was no sanctions relief.    He delivered his latest missive in a much-anticipated live New Year’s address, dressed in a dark Western suit and looking relaxed as he spoke from a […]

Democrat Warren enters 2020 White House race

December 31, 2018@10:37 PM TFP Editor 0

US Senator Elizabeth Warren is a fierce critic of President Donald Trump, and is now likely running to unseat him in 2020 (AFP Photo/Joseph PREZIOSO) Washington (AFP) – Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren — an outspoken critic of Wall Street and nemesis of Donald Trump — entered the 2020 race for the White House on Monday. The 69-year-old progressive announced she was launching an exploratory committee for president, becoming the first major candidate in what is […]

Netanyahu says Israel is Arabs' 'ally' against Iran

December 31, 2018@10:16 PM TFP Editor 0

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is claiming the Jewish state is a key ally for Arab nations against Iran (AFP Photo/Leo CORREA) More Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Arab countries viewed Israel as an “indispensable ally” fighting Iran and the Islamic State group. That evaluation, he told Brazil’s Globo TV during a visit to Rio, has caused “a revolution in relations with the Arab world.” The comments came […]