Texas Pacific Land Trust Announces Fourth Quarter 2018 Financial Results

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DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Texas Pacific Land Trust (NYSE: TPL) today announced financial results for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2018. Results for the fourth quarter of 2018: Net income of $62.7 million, or $8.06 per Sub-share Certificate, for the fourth quarter of 2018, compared with $24.6 million, or $3.14 per Sub-share Certificate, for the fourth quarter of 2017. Revenues of $93.2 million for the fourth quarter of 2018, compared with $40.0 million for the fourth quarter of 2017. Increases of 177.0% in water sales and royalty revenue, [Read More]

Martial Law Is Unacceptable Under Any President

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Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, In the midst of the three ring circus known as the false Left/Right paradigm it is sometimes easy to forget that there is a motive behind the chaos; that there is an intended end-game. Part of that end-game, I believe, is the eventual erasure of individual liberties and the implementation of martial law in the US.   However, the establishment quest for government lockdown requires something very special in order to succeed – They need a considerable percentage of [Read More]

Assault reported by 'Empire' actor condemned by family as 'hate crime'

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FILE PHOTO – 2017 BET Awards – Photo Room – Los Angeles, California, U.S., 25/06/2017 – Jussie Smollett. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The family of television actor Jussie Smollett, who plays a gay character on the hip-hop musical drama “Empire,” spoke out on Thursday to condemn the assault he reported suffering in Chicago at the hands of two men yelling racial and homophobic slurs. Chicago police said detectives have been unable to obtain cell phone records to “independently verify” a [Read More]

Russian Pilot Releases New Footage Of Aggressive Maneuver Against US F-15 Jet

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On Monday Russia’s Defense Ministry published video showing a dangerous aerial encounter between US and Russian aircraft that took place in the skies above the Baltic Sea. The incident involved a Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet intercepting a US P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft after — as Russian statements claimed — the US Air Force spy plane was picked up on radar rapidly approaching approaching the Russian maritime border in the Baltic Sea. But more video has surfaced late this week showing spectacular footage in what a appears to be a separate and previously unknown incident, also over the Baltic [Read More]

Abu Dhabi Fonds stellt 184 Mio. Dh für Entwicklungsprojekte auf den Komorenbereit

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ABU DHABI, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Der Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) hat heute ein Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) mit der Regierung der Komoren abgeschlossen, das festgelegt, dass der ADFD 184 Millionen AED (50 Millionen USD) zur Finanzierung verschiedener Entwicklungsprogramme und -projekte der komorischen Regierung bereitstellen wird. Der Präsident der Komoren Azali Assoumani nahm an der Unterzeichnung des MoU teil, das von Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, Generaldirektor des ADFD, und S.E. Herr Mohamed El Amine Souef, Minister der Komoren für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, internationale Zusammenarbeit und die Frankophonie, zuständig für Komoren im Ausland, unterzeichnet wurde. An der Unterzeichnungszeremonie nahmen auch [Read More]

The Unseen Costs Of Humanitarian Intervention

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Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, In domestic policy, a time-honored strategy for ramming through ill-considered legislation is to insist that it is better to do something than to just stand around doing nothing. Are “too few” people earning advanced degrees? Then we are told we must increase subsidies for college tuition. Will that solve the problem? Who knows? What’s important is that we did something. This sort of thing is politically valuable, of course, because the new program and the new spending can be seen and [Read More]