Breakthrough Innovations in Radioactive Waste Management, 2018 –

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The application of nuclear fission technology typically in nuclear power generation, produces a by-product that is called as radioactive waste. The produced waste has to be managed properly to ensure minimal impact on the environment and to prevent it from harming human beings.

Public and private companies are extremely concerned in improving radioactive waste management. This can be seen through series of breakthrough innovations. Governments have also helped by providing funds to researches in radioactive waste management.

Thus, this research service discusses on Breakthrough Innovations in Radioactive Waste Management and summarizes important innovations related to radioactive waste management.

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Research Methodology Explained
1.4 Findings

2. Technology Overview
2.1 Importance of Radioactive Waste Management
2.2 Types of Radioactive Waste
2.3 Waste Management Fund Sources
2.4 Types of Waste Management
2.5 Sources of Waste
2.6 High-level Waste (Uranium) Fuel Cycle
2.7 Locations of Disposal Facilities

3. Innovation in Nuclear Reactor
3.1 Small Modular Reactor
3.2 Molten Salt Reactor
3.3 Liquid Metal-cooled Fast Reactor
3.4 High Temperature Gas Reactor

4. Innovations in Other Areas
4.1 Waste Management Reduces Decommissioning Cost
4.2 Radioactive Waste Converts into Glass
4.3 Nuclear Waste as a Source for Batteries
4.4 Transmutation Technique in Waste Management
4.5 Uranium Separation Improvement
4.6 Management of High-level Radioactive Waste

5. Industry Assessment
5.1 Drivers and Restraints
5.2 Drivers Explanation
5.3 Restraints Explanation

6. Intellectual Property Assessment
6.1 Patent Filings

7. Key Contacts
7.1 Industry Contacts

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