UPDATE 7-Six killed, 105 wounded in Taliban attack in Kabul

June 30, 2019@11:42 PM TFP Editor 0

* Bomb-laden vehicle blows up near defence ministry compound * Taliban claims responsibility for the attack * Attack during rush hour injures at least 105 * Afghan forces kill 5 gunmen * U.S., Taliban hold seventh round of peace talks in Qatar (Adds death toll, edits) By Hamid Shalizi, Abdul Qadir Sediqi and Orooj Hakimi KABUL, July 1 (Reuters) – Taliban Islamist fighters killed six people and wounded 105 others by blowing up a truck bomb at morning rush hour near an Afghan Defence Ministry [Read More]

Zuesse: The Civil War Now In America

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Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Saker blog, America is controlled only by its wealthiest, and they are solidly in control of both political Parties. However, now that they are in control, they are fighting bitterly amongst one-another. They are on two sides. Concerning foreign policies, and domestic policies, Republican Party billionaires hate especially Iran, and especially all progressivism. By contrast, concerning foreign policies, and domestic policies, Democratic Party billionaires hate especially Russia, and accept some progressivism. (They need to do the latter so that [Read More]

Still Stonewall’d: Mapping The Legal Status Of Homosexuality Worldwide

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This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and LGBTQ people across the world are gearing up for a weekend of celebrations to remember the event that kickstarted the gay rights revolution. However, as Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, while a lot has been achieved over the past half a century in the United States, there is still more work to do. The same cannot be said of other countries, many of which are waiting for their own Stonewall moment. The following infographic was made [Read More]

Plane crash in Texas kills 10 people: officials

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Map of Texas locating the site of a plane crash that left 10 people dead (AFP Photo/) More Washington (AFP) – A small twin-engine passenger plane crashed in Texas in the United States on Sunday, killing 10 people, officials said. “The Dallas County Medical Examiner has confirmed 10 fatalities and no survivors,” a spokeswoman for the town of Addison told AFP. The plane was heading for St. Petersburg, Florida and was carrying two flight crew and eight passengers, Vice Chairman of the National Transportation Safety [Read More]

Orwell’s 1984 No Longer Reads Like Fiction: It’s The Reality Of Our Times

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Authored by Robert Bridge, op-ed via RT.com, 70 years ago, the British writer George Orwell captured the essence of technology in its ability to shape our destinies in his seminal work, 1984. The tragedy of our times is that we have failed to heed his warning. No matter how many times I read 1984, the feeling of total helplessness and despair that weaves itself throughout Orwell’s masterpiece never fails to take me by surprise. Although usually referred to as a ‘dystopian futuristic novel’, it is [Read More]

New York City’s First Ever Queer Liberation March Showed a New-Old Way to Feel Pride

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Tasia Jensen/The Daily Beast More New York City Gets Ready for the Battle of the LGBT Pride Marches There were many placards for the group Gays Against Guns, and condemnatory shouts for the NRA. There were pro-choice protesters and placards in remembrance of iconic activists like Marsha P. Johnson, Harvey Milk, and Bayard Rustin. The mood was very much one of an old-school, inclusive Pride march, with protest and intersectionality the focus alongside a sense of community camaraderie and focus. Marchers who spoke to The [Read More]

WaPo, NYT Giving Dangerous Platform To Left-Wing Apologists Stoking Civil Discord

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The Washington Post and New York Times have recently opened up their platforms to Op-Eds defending, justifying and promoting abhorrent behavior committed against conservatives. Calling them out is the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York, who notes that “the toxicity of the resistance to President Trump has risen in recent days,” with both papers “publishing rationalizations for denying Trump supporters public accommodation and for doxxing career federal employees.”  First up, Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of the infamous Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. Wiklinson unapologetically booted White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family last June. [Read More]

China Slumps Into Full-Blown Manufacturing Contraction Following “Awful” Asian PMI Prints

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Now that the Osaka G-20 has come and gone, and while nothing has been resolved in the US-China trade war, at least there has been no escalation and China is safe from US tariffs on the remainder of its exports to the US, which in turn has given algos a dose of optimism that all is well pushing S&P futures just shy of 3,000, things in the real world are going from bad to worse. One day after China’s official NBS manufacturing PMI on Sunday [Read More]