CPR Dummy With Breasts Aims To Overcome Fondling Fears

Women are 27% less likely than men to receive CPR if they suffer from a medical emergency, which some researchers have suggested is due to reluctance to grab a random woman’s breasts.

In a move aimed at encouraging more people to perform CPR on the fairer sex (and those who identify as such), New York ad agencyt JOAN Creative and the United State of Women have teamed up to introduce the “Womanikin” – a pair of breasts that can be attached to traditionally flat-chested CPR dummies. 

And while this does nothing to stop well-meaning passers-by from getting sued into oblivion for fondling a victim (Good Samaritan law notwithstanding), JOAN co-founder and chief creative director Jamie Robinson tells CNN that it’s a “step in the right direction.” 

Robinson’s team wanted to create a product that is easy to replicate so instructors and schools can adopt it in CPR training classes, she said. Anyone can download the Womanikin builder’s toolkit from the open-sourced website and construct their own following the instructions. –CNN


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“Witnessing a CPR class using the Womanikin, we also noticed the attachment offered a natural conversation starter to discuss this issue,” said Robinson. “It’s out of the ordinary, so people talk about it. Creating awareness so people act when they have to is our primary goal.”

JOAN Creative has a goal of spreading the Womanikin across the country by the end of 2020 according to Robinson. 

From Womanikin’s website

“When performing chest compressions, locate the end of the person’s breastbone where their ribs come together. Place the heel of one hand 2 inches from the breastbone, closest to the person’s face. Place the free hand on top of the other, interlocking your fingers. Yes, this will mean you are touching her breast. Don’t worry. You might save her life.” 

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