Uighurs challenge China to prove missing relatives are free

July 31, 2019@11:51 PM TFP Editor 0

Rights groups and experts say more than one million mostly Muslim ethnic minorities have been rounded up into internment camps in the tightly-controlled northwest region, home to China’s Uighur population (AFP Photo/GREG BAKER) China’s claim that “most” inmates have been released from re-education camps in its Xinjiang region has been met with anger and scepticism by the Uighur diaspora which has launched a social media campaign challenging Beijing to prove it. Rights groups and experts say more than one million mostly Muslim ethnic minorities have [Read More]

Fox News Stars Go After Tomi Lahren for Sexist Jab at Kamala Harris

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Several of Tomi Lahren’s Fox News colleagues were upset with her sexist remarks about Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) on Wednesday evening. And they were not afraid to publicly say so. “I am curious to know what you think bringing a woman’s personal/sexual life into this accomplishes,” Fox News libertarian commentator Kat Timpf replied. “Men do that to us enough as it is. I’m honestly asking.” Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov, a liberal pundit who often co-hosts daytime talk show Outnumbered, retweeted Timpf’s response to Lahren. [Read More]

5 key takeaways from the 2nd Democratic debate

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Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate saw the two highest-polling candidates on the stage, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, take fire from all sides. The second night of debates in Detroit also saw the first substantive discussion of impeachment at a debate this cycle, along with candidates deferring to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on climate and an extended argument on health care. 1. Harris goes from prosecution to defense [5 key takeaways from the first Democratic debate in Detroit] Addressing Harris directly, Gabbard said: “When you [Read More]

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Asian factories suffering, more stimulus seen ahead

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Asian factory activity contracted further in July, fuelling worries that a Sino-U.S. trade war and a slowdown in China could tilt the world toward a global recession, which central banks will have to fight with depleted ammunition. Read on Reuters

Afghan troop numbers drop sharply in crackdown on 'ghost' soldiers

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – There has been a sharp drop in the size of Afghanistan’s National Defense Security Forces in the past few months due to changes in the way troops are counted and an effort to reduce the number of so-called “ghost” soldiers, a U.S. government watchdog said on Thursday. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said in a report that ANDSF personnel size had gone down by nearly 10 percentage points in the most recent quarter compared to the previous trimester. The [Read More]

The Genocidal Roots Of The Green New Deal: Limits To Growth & The Unchaining Of Prometheus

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Authored by Matthew Ehret via Oriental Review, Prince Charles has just given the world 18 months to save the world. Over the past years, the prince and his father (among other inbred aristocrats of Europe) have taken an incredible interest in the safety of the earth from the pollution emitting machines who greedily consume and reproduce without any consideration for Mother Gaia. In recent months this green transformation of the globe has taken the form of the “Green New Deal” promoted in the U.S. by Congresswoman [Read More]