'Unreal scene': 2 dead in Houston freeway shooting after crash, police say


Two people were killed in a shooting on a Texas freeway during Thursday evening rush hour, police said. 

A male suspect fatally shot two men shortly after a crash on eastbound Interstate 10, said Houston Police Assistant Chief Bobby Dobbins. The suspect escaped and is still at large, and authorities are investigating his motive, which could range from road rage to narcotics, Dobbins said. 

After the crash, police said the suspect, armed with a long rifle, got out of one vehicle and allegedly opened fire on the other vehicle, chasing it as it rolled down a hill. 

“Unreal scene just witnessed on I-10 in Houston,” tweeted Daniel Gotera of KHOU-TV. “A guy gets out of his car with gun just shooting in the middle of freeway. Unbelievable.”

Said Dobbins, “At one point, the vehicle came to a stop [and] he fired rounds into the front windshield of the vehicle.”

A witness saw the suspect turn toward him, Dobbins said, leading the witness to fire his pistol in self defense. The suspect then allegedly got back in his vehicle and escaped with the other person he was with at the time of the crash. 

Houston Police have shut down a stretch of the freeway to investigate the incident, which was reported just before 6 p.m. local time. Police do not know if the suspect was the driver or a passenger in the car that struck the victims’ sedan, Dobbins said. 

Witnesses performed CPR on the victims before the firefighters arrived but both were pronounced dead at the scene. Narcotics were found in the victims’ car, Dobbins said.

Videos from local media showed stalled traffic, multiple police cars and a fire truck on the scene, as well as a car being towed. 

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