OmniQuest™ and KTON Battery Safety Initiative

NOVI, Mich. -- at The Battery Show--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OmniQuest™ and KTON announce their partnership to streamline the global mobility industry transition from internal combustion engine to battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) through a global standard of battery safety testing.

“You can feel the momentum building for BEV and PHEV offerings,” said Mr. Fred Lee, CEO KTON. “We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get out ahead of the BEV and PHEV juggernaut to define and deploy global standards for battery safety testing. OmniQuest™ partnership adds to our esteemed roster of KTON partners,” Lee said.

On top of 3 million in 2020, in March 2021, International Energy Agency projected 145 million electric cars, buses, vans, and heavy trucks on roads by 2030 (a 47% CAGR) and up to 230 million (a 54% CAGR) with governments ramping up efforts to meet international energy and climate goals. This massive growth fueled by battery technology substituting for petroleum products lacks the century-long knowledge and experience combined with standards enjoyed by diesel fuel and gasoline.

"Electric vehicle growth rate is on track to exceed historical new technology adoptions and coincides with the transition to 5G, itself the fastest-growing wireless mobile technology in history,” said Stewart Skomra, CEO OmniQuest. “These dynamics share a foundation of battery technology for which there is no global safety testing standard nor independent verification and certifying entity. Through the KTON partnership, we will work to bring lessons learned from global computing and communications to bear for the benefit of the electric vehicle industry,” Skomra said.

“KTON has assembled an all-star roster of battery development and battery safety testing technology and is diligently recruiting new team members to build an unparalleled team turning the vision of global battery safety testing into reality,” continued Fred Lee. “OmniQuest brings the longest and deepest history in engineering design synthesis through numerical optimization to our team along with extensive history in information technology standards that will serve our efforts well,” Lee concluded.

About KTON

KTON LLC brings full-service EV battery testing technology and know-how to the USA by way of business and technology partners in APAC. KTON is headquartered in the Greater Chicago area with an office in Seoul and key technology partners in Korea, China, and Japan. Our strength lies in our many partnerships and our networking reach in automotive in the US, APAC, and Europe.

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About OmniQuest™

OmniQuest is the leading developer and supplier of software to assist engineers in automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment industries in achieving optimized product designs.

In its fifth decade, privately held OmniQuest has evolved into a premier software company, developing and marketing design optimization tools, professional services, training, and engaging in ongoing advanced research.

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