Brett Kavanaugh Questioned Whether Roe v. Wade Is 'Settled Law' In 2003 White House Email

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote an email in March 2003 questioning whether Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion rights decision, was “settled law of the land.” The email had been deemed confidential by Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans but was provided to The New York Times by an anonymous source. Kavanaugh, whom President Donald Trump nominated for the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy, has attempted to portray himself as believing that the abortion rights secured under Roe v. Wade and affirmed by Casey v. [Read More]

Body Of Missing Teen Kiera Bergman Found In Arizona Desert

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A body found in Arizona has been positively identified as that of missing More A body found in Arizona has been positively identified as that of missing teenager Kiera Bergman, whose death is being investigated as a homicide, according to police. “We are all just so heartbroken right now,” Bergman’s father, Chris Bragg, told HuffPost. “Please continue praying for our family as we grieve the loss of our daughter and seek justice for this terrible tragedy.” A passerby discovered the body Monday in a rural [Read More]

Cory Booker Releases Confidential Documents During Kavanaugh Hearing

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Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) released formerly confidential emails from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh about racial profiling and racial discrimination at the start of the third day of confirmation hearings on Thursday, around an hour after threatening to do so. The dramatic move appeared to defy Republicans who had shielded the documents from public view, and it seemed to risk breaking Senate rules. Senate Judiciary Committee staffers for Republican and Democratic officials told The Washington Post, however, that the committee cleared the documents [Read More]

Bank of America downgrades Chevron, citing risk of losing some overseas production deals

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch is getting less optimistic on Chevron shares due to rising competition over energy deals. The firm lowered its rating to neutral from buy for Chevron shares, saying the renewals for the company’s key Asian projects may be more difficult than expected. “Chevron will continue to benefit from any continued strength in oil prices. But given emerging uncertainties around spending and PSC [production sharing contract] renewals … a more selective sector view that acknowledges the tailwind from the commodity as largely [Read More]

Kremlin slams accusations of Russian involvement in ex-spy poisoning, calls them ‘unacceptable’

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The Kremlin has slammed accusations made by the United Kingdom that the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy and his daughter earlier this year had been approved “at a senior level of the Russian state.” Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, said the accusations made earlier this week by British Prime Minister Theresa May were “unacceptable” and “no one in the Russian leadership” had anything to do with the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulkia in the English city of Salisbury in early [Read More]


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纽约–(BUSINESS WIRE)—-(美国商业资讯)–住友商事美洲分公司(Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, SCOA)是全球最大的商品和服务贸易商之一住友商事株式会社(Sumitomo Corporation)最大的子公司,今天宣布将对Sintavia, LLC进行少数股权投资。Sintavia是位于美国佛罗里达州戴维的一家领先的一级金属添加剂制造商。双方共同宣布此项投资的目的是利用SCOA在全球航空及石油天然气行业的网络,同时加速Sintavia在全球的既定增长计划。交易条款并未披露。 SCOA建设和运输系统集团高级副总裁兼总经理Kenichi Hyuga表示:“SCOA几十年来在多个行业建立了巨大的全球网络,其中包括航空及石油天然气行业。我们相信Sintavia的先进技术将为我们目前的商业关系带来直接附加值,并为我们在未来提供更多的商机。” Sintavia董事长兼首席执行官Brian R. Neff表示:“在与SCOA建立长期伙伴关系之后,我们意识到我们合作的是一家多个终端市场上的全球领军企业,其承诺支持我们的增长。今年市场对于Sintavia品牌优质AM产品的需求迅猛增长,我们意识到我们需要寻找合作伙伴帮助管理增长,以充分满足未来数年市场的需求。我们相信SCOA是理想的合作伙伴。” 除了支持Sintavia的增长及进入主要终端市场,此项合作伙伴关系预计还将产生更多互补优势。双方认为住友集团公司有潜力与航空业战略合作伙伴共同开发解决方案,利用AM技术优化产品。 合作伙伴关系利用SCOA子公司及附属公司的另一个例子是通过住友商事的全资所有子公司、全球油气行业的集成供应链合作伙伴Howco。Howco为石油和天然气行业的上游部门提供合金钢、全包加工和组装部件以及其他产品,他们可与Sintavia共同寻求特定行业的业务发展机会。 关于住友商事美洲分公司 住友商事美洲分公司(SCOA)成立于1952年,总部位于纽约市,在美国主要城市设有8个办事处。SCOA是全球领先的商品和服务贸易商之一住友商事株式会社(Sumitomo Corporation)最大的子公司。作为一家综合性企业,公司已成为跨国项目的主要组织者、思想倡导者、重要的国际投资者和金融家,以及通过遍布世界各地的办事处网络,实现产品分销和全球通信的一支强大力量。其核心业务部门包括管道产品、环境和基础设施、钢铁和非铁金属、运输和建筑系统、化学品和电子产品、媒体和物联网应用程序、房地产、矿产资源和能源以及食品。SCOA与其附属公司Presidio Ventures合作,通过纳入传统产业中出现的新技术来扩大其投资组合。Presidio Ventures是总部位于硅谷的一家早期投资公司,拥有超过20年的发展历史。垂询详情,请访问。 关于Sintavia Sintavia是独立金属增材制造服务全球领导者,为重要行业提供服务,包括航空航天与国防及石油天然气。借助高速打印机和同时部署的精密后处理设备、一整套机械检测设备,以及整套冶金和粉末实验室,Sintavia能够为关键行业优化参数,连续生产并审核质量部件。公司致力于采用业界最高质量标准,已荣获Nadcap、AS9100、ISO 17025和ANAB认证,并在OASIS注册且符合ITAR相关规定。垂询详情,请访问。 原文版本可在businesswire.com上查阅: 免责声明:本公告之原文版本乃官方授权版本。译文仅供方便了解之用,烦请参照原文,原文版本乃唯一具法律效力之版本。 Read on The Source

Read The Latest From Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

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[embedded content] Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a third day of questioning in his Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Kavanaugh’s stretch before the Senate Judiciary Committee began Tuesday, and he was questioned by senators all day Wednesday. He was tapped in July by President Donald Trump to fill the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Read live updates from the third day of the hearing below. (You may need to refresh the page to see the latest updates.):  10:14 p.m. ET The hearing has ended [Read More]

Merrill Lynch’s U-turn on mandatory fee-based accounts proves not every investor wants handholding

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It’s been oft-repeated that the road to hell is lined with good intentions. I think this applies to the now-dead so-called fiduciary rule, the Obama-era retirement account regulation that was designed to protect investors from conflicts of interest. A decision by a U.S. court in late June effectively put an end to the rule, and the Securities and Exchange Commission is now stepping in to move forward with its own best-interest standard for investment advisors and broker-dealers who make recommendations to retail investors. But this [Read More]