Metha Is Back With A Vengeance

March 19, 2019@6:25 PM TFP Editor 0

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that opioid-related deaths are starting to plateau, officials fret a surge in methamphetamine-related deaths could contribute to the next leg up in the American drug overdose crisis. There were 1,854 meth-related deaths reported in 2010. By 2017, more than 10,300 deaths were linked to meth and or chemically-similar psychostimulants, which is a 550% jump from 2010. The DEA told the Journal that their drug-tracking system recorded 347,807 law-enforcement meth […]

Venezuela Opposition Seizes Diplomatic Properties In US, Plans Embassy Takeover

March 19, 2019@5:45 PM TFP Editor 0

In its latest major forced intervention in Venezuelan affairs Washington has now allowed Venezuela’s pro-Guaido opposition to take control of diplomatic properties. Reuters reported this week that opposition representatives are now in control of three such Venezuelan diplomatic properties in the US — two buildings belonging to Venezuela’s defense ministry in Washington and one consular building in New York — confirmed by Guaido’s US envoy on Monday.  The US State Department has welcomed the move, encouraging the seizure of Venezuela’s embassy in […]

Recycle Crisis Sweeps Across America After China Halts Plastic Waste Imports 

March 19, 2019@5:05 PM TFP Editor 0

The green movement of the 1970s formed the modern American recycling industry, although there is some concern today that it could be collapsing in many parts of the country, The New York Times warned. “The sooner we accept the economic impracticality of recycling, the sooner we can make serious progress on addressing the plastic pollution problem,” said Jan Dell, an engineer who leads Last Beach Cleanup. The report cited Philadelphia, Memphis, and Sunrise and Deltona, […]

US Government Canceled 362,000 Passports Last Year Over Back-Taxes

March 19, 2019@4:45 PM TFP Editor 0

Authored by Simon Black via, Starting in 2021, Americans will require permission to visit Europe… technically the 26 borderless countries within Europe’s Schengen area. The process will start out simple enough, taking about ten minutes to complete and costing around $8. The EU estimates it will grant about 95% of the Americans who apply three years of access to the region. But what if you are part of that unlucky 5%? Over 12 million Americans travel […]

Is The Bull Market Too Big To Fail?

March 19, 2019@4:05 PM TFP Editor 0

Submitted by Joseph Carson, former chief economist of AllianceBernstein The US equity market is on another streak, posting a double-digit gain since the start of the year and extending a bull run that has lasted 10 years. In terms of pure numbers, equities occupy a position far above any other asset, and in everyday life stocks have jumped ahead of real estate as a store of wealth for Americans. From a risk management perspective, policymakers […]