Trade war worries drag world stocks lower, yuan steadies

July 4, 2018@3:44 AM TFP Editor 0

LONDON (Reuters) – World stocks were dragged lower on Wednesday by growing anxiety ahead of Washington’s end of week deadline to impose tariffs on Chinese imports, while the yuan rebounded after China’s central bank moved to calm investors. Read on Reuters

Asian shares slip on trade war anxiety, yuan steadies

July 3, 2018@11:11 PM TFP Editor 0

TOKYO (Reuters) – Asian stocks slipped on Wednesday on the specter of a Sino-U.S. trade war ahead of an end-of-week deadline for U.S. tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports while the yuan stabilized after China’s central bank moved to calm nervous investors. Read on Reuters

Kinder Morgan to restart construction on Trans Mountain in August

July 3, 2018@8:09 PM TFP Editor 0

(Reuters) – Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd said in a filing on Tuesday it is restarting construction in August on the Trans Mountain pipeline’s expansion after halting work in the spring due to opposition from environmentalists and other groups as Canada prepares to buy the project in a bid to boost country’s oil exports. Read on Reuters

Geologic Groundwork-How USGS Coal Assessments Assist EIA's Coal Forecasts

July 3, 2018@5:13 PM TFP Editor 0

Coal is loaded into trucks at the Trapper Mine in northwest Colorado.(Credit: David C. Scott, USGS. Public domain.) For instance, in just one part of the energy sector—coal—the United States consumed just under 800 million short tons in 2015, which supplied a little over 30 percent of the Nation’s electricity. Those numbers come from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, where Coal and Uranium Analysis team lead Greg Adams works. “My team provides the public with projections of U.S. short and long-term coal production and market [Read More]