Banks, credit unions offer 0 percent interest loans during the government shutdown

January 18, 2019@9:16 AM TFP Editor 0

With the government shutdown now in its fourth week, banks and credit unions are ramping up help to federal workers. Some 420,000 employees are considered “essential,” and are working without pay, while an estimated 380,000 others have been ordered to stay home. Colorado’s Alpine Bank has set aside $5 million to help furloughed workers. If you can prove you’re an unpaid federal employee, you can get an interest-free loan the same day you apply. Tweet Provident Bank in New Jersey recently announced it will cancel [Read More]

Manufacturing surge pushes industrial production up 0.3 pct

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U.S. industrial production increased 0.3 percent in December, led by the biggest surge in manufacturing in ten months. The Federal Reserve said Friday that that manufacturing output jumped 1.1 percent last month, the largest gain since February 2018. Automakers drove much of the growth with a 4.7 percent jump in production. Utility output slumped 6.3 percent amid an unseasonably warm December. Mining output rose 1.5 percent on increased extraction of oil and natural gas. Overall industrial production is up 4 percent from a year ago. [Read More]

Migrant caravan freely crosses Mexican border after gates were left open, authorities avoided ‘confrontation’

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Around 1,000 Central American migrants marched freely through the Guatemala-Mexico border on Friday after the gates were left wide open, with Mexican authorities standing down from confronting the caravan. The border gates were open only temporarily, but migrants – who crossed the bridge from Tecun-Uman to Ciudad Hidalgo – were surprised to find no locks on the gates, effectively giving them a free pass to enter the country without being stuck at the border or registering with immigration officials and now begin the trek to [Read More]

Nasdaq advances 0.3%

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Mexican airline enters border debate with 'DNA discount'

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New York (AFP) – Aeromexico is taking a poke at the US-Mexico border standoff with a “DNA discount” for people in the United States with Mexican ancestry. An ad launched this week that became viral on social media took on prejudice against Mexico and encouraged Americans to visit the country on the southern border. The largest Mexican carrier said it would provide discounts based on the percentage of Mexican heritage determined from customers who take a blood test. “Mexico’s first destination is America, but America’s [Read More]

Costco may launch its own streaming service

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You might think of Costco as your go to place for shopping in bulk and getting yummy free samples. But in the future, you might start considering, Costco and chill? Susana Victoria Perez has more.           Read on The Source

ICE U.S. Dollar Index up 0.2% at 96.229

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Progressive Lies Like “Free College” & “Medicare For All” Hide Cost Of Debt

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, Steve Hanke and Stephen Walters discuss too good to be true socialist lies about free programs that hide the true costs. Hats off to economists Steve H. Hanke and Stephen J.K. Walters for a brilliant op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on the true cost of “free” government programs. Lying Prices Keep America Hooked on Spending by Hanke and Walters This is written in guest post format, but it is an excerpt. When politicians hide the cost of government, ‘free [Read More]

Married Army Ranger, 26, dies in Afghanistan, becoming first military fatality of 2019

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An Army Ranger from the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, part of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), died Thursday in a military hospital from wounds received during a raid in Afghanistan, the Pentagon confirmed Friday. Sgt. Cameron Meddock, 26, died in Landstuhl, Germany of injuries sustained from small-arms fire Jan. 13 in Badghis Province, Afghanistan. It was his second deployment. MEMORIAL HONORING FALLEN NAVY SEAL, MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT IS RESTORED FOLLOWING VANDALISM WESTERN TOURISTS HEAD TO WAR-TORN AFGHANISTAN FOR ‘AUTHENTIC’ TRAVEL EXPERIENCE “Sergeant Cameron Meddock is [Read More]